felice bettenbender, personal trainer and USA Boxing coach, joins d*FIT with two new adrenaline-charged workouts, box*d and d*rill. get acquainted with the heavy bag, speed bag and contact mitts while you learn the art of the punch for building strength and endurance in box*d. power and agility supersets are the mark of d*rill, a new addition to 10buckbody that will have you bootcamp-breathless. see the January group training schedule >
melissa wolfe rosebro, professional dancer and certified pma® pilates trainer with 15 years experience, joins d*fit to transform the core studio with both pilates reformer and cadillac equipment. your fit fund takes you one step closer to a dancer's body with private and semi-private pilates training beginning January 16th. join melissa for demo and q&a on Monday, january 9th and wednesday, january 11th at 10:30am >
step into the d*FIT classroom for fit101, a 10-session afterschool program exclusively for local educators who want to get moving, get healthy and get fit in the new year. the 5-week group training program will introduce you to a variety of d*FIT classes tailored to all fitness levels instructed by team d* trainers. Mondays and wednesdays at 4:30pm beginning January 16th. space is limited to 20. Just $125 for 10 sessions. enroll now >
the d*fit 2012 group training schedule is here! we have re-designed weekday mornings with a line-up that is hard to resist. we are seeing so many of you just about everyday so we owe you a schedule that creates a perfect mix for daily single sessions or back-to-backs. 10buckbody is moving to 10:30am effective january 2nd...seven great group training options monday-friday for just $10 per class. of course existing 10buckbody packages remain valid at 9:30am until expiration! buy 10buckbody@10:30 now >
toast the new year with a 3-DAY juice CLEANSE from basin bar BEGINNING TUESDAY, january 3rd. let go of the holiday guilt and regret by dedicating just three days to thanking your body for putting up with your holiday reckless abandon. a great way to reconnect body & mind for more mindful living in 2012. LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS. MORE DETAILS >
maddie gentile takes the "sique-squad" through a 2-hour advanced workshop to elevate your coresique™ cardio barre training experience. we're talkin' technique that emphasizes form and explains kinesiology, a 90-minute master class that steps away from the barre and brings you center, followed by d*crew sips & nibbles. Saturday, january 21st at 12:00pm. $40 per person [fit funds do apply]. limited to 15 participants. register now >
join us for a special screening of "forks over knives" on friday, february 3rd. This feature film examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. The screening will be followed by q&a with special guests. Presented by d*FIT, Maria Vecchione & Julie Kemps-Rowley of Montclair-GlenRidgeHomes.com. tickets available online January 2nd.
d*gifts come in all shapes and sizes, are gender-neutral and wellness-specific! for a quick gift, our online d*gift cards are simple starting at $25. for the loved one who spends more time at d*fit than at home, we'll create an over-the-top bundle of d*goods to keep them inspire{d}. for the teachers you adore or the staff you depend on, d*fit will create a custom d*gift that suits one or an entire group. give the gift of fit this holiday >
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